GLOBAL UNION FOR INNOVATIONS, DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION (GUIDE) was founded by people with passion about the educational process, both as learners and as trainers. 
Our main goal is to provide innovative education to the target groups. 
Our interests are mainly in the field of trainings for soft skills, communication skills, teamwork, decision-making, time management and more. Additionally, we have interest and experience in the field of technology and other important labor market areas too. 
In our opinion education is the right way for solving the problems of the following groups: 
– 15 – 19 years old people – basic knowledge needed in order to choose appropriate profession; 
– 19 – 26 years old people – dealing with the high rate of youth unemployment through practical oriented trainings; 
– 26 – without limitation – lifelong learning – key account the dynamics of the modern world; challenges of everyday work environment and enhance the feeling of fulfillment; 
– minority groups – integration through trainings; skills and competencies to help the groups integrate into society.