Circular economy and the ability for Bulgarian business

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On 23 February 2016 y. in The Home of Europe a conference were held on "Circular economy and the ability for Bulgarian business ". In the event participated The minister of Environment and Water Ivelina Vassileva, The Minister of the economy Bozhidar Lucarsky and The European deputy Eva Paunova (MEP),who was the organizer of the event. Many representatives of the business took part and were active during the discussion.

The Minister Vassileva presented long-term framework of actions initiated by her office. She is connected with resource efficiency, sustainability of production and consumption in the country. The Minister guarantees for active government policy to build circular economy in Bulgaria to cover all parts of government and to attract all stockholders.

Minister Lucarsky expresses the vision of Ministry of the economy on the theme. He declares that the liner business method for the use of resources is already inapplicable , because as production consumes more resources than could be source. According to him "building the circular economy is condition for maintaining and developing the economy". The minister announced that priority will be innovations and resources efficiency in the medium and high-tech enterprises regardless of their size. The aim of the program is to enhance the overall innovation performance of the country.

The Euro deputy Eva Paunova represent European policies for development of circular economy. She encourage businesses to take advantage of the plan saying that "Who ever first grab the trends will have better advantage over competitors." and "transition to a circular economy is only a matter of time" . Mrs Paunova ensure that the main goal of the European institutions is to acquaint businesses with the steps through which have to pass on the way to circular business model.

On the hope expressed by Minister Lucarsky that Bulgaria can become a so-called Moderate innovator, Mrs Paunova said that "if the Bulgarian business go down the path of circular economy now, Bulgaria can become ambitions innovator ".

Minister Vassileva and Mrs Paunova answered numerous questions and suggestions from the guests in the hall. To the question if the ideas of circular economy must be implemented in the educational system, the MEP expressed his opinion about the benefits of integrating young people into sustainable model and easy adaptation of children to the fast changing environment.

Which values unites us?